The Saxons of Transilvania

German ethnic origins, established in the South and North-East of Transylvania in the mid-12th century.


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Richiș village Transilvania

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Richiş village – in the past Richişul, Richişdorf, Râchişdorf, Rechişdorf (in Saxon dialect Rechesdref, Reχestref, in German Reichesdorf, Reichersdorf, in Magyar Riomfalva), is localised in the Northern part of Sibiu County, in Podisul Tarnavelor (Tarnave Plateau) from Transilvania, under the jurisdiction of Biertan commune.


Transilvania, Romania


Sibiu, Biertan commune


792 inhabitants

First documentary attestation

Since 1283

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From here to Richiş, the guests of Transylvania Inns are greeted with the cuisine, the clothing and the enthusiasm of the people who shaped the untamed spirit of the Saxons,…