Wild Carpathia – Transilvania

By March 11, 2015About Transilvania

Wild Carpathia series is a special trilogy of documentary films about the wonders of nature of the mountains and forests of Romania. The introducer and poet Charlie Ottley, who also signs the scenario of the series, leads the viewers all over Transylvania and reveals to them the traditional villages, the monasteries, the authentic culture. From the splendid natural reservations of Transylvania to the Danube Delta, the producers discovered extended areas whose landscape remained untouched for thousands of years. All over the three episodes, we meet a large range of characters, from shepherds, ecologists, craftsmen to royal highnesses, all involved in keeping and conserving the last savage areas of Europe. The series captures the fragility of some unique ecosystems, habitat of wolves, lynxes and of the most numerous population of bears in Europe and shows why they deserve being conserved for future generations.

“It was an incredible experience to travel in Romania and to have the occasion of presenting this incredible country, hoping that the savage areas of Carpathian Mountains will be protected – with the adequate tourism methods”, declares the broadcast producer, Alisdair Grant.

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